HSBC Golf Roots Centres

‘Start and Stay’ in golf

What are HSBC Golf Roots Centres?

In partnership with the Golf Foundation, Scottish Golf is offering golf clubs and facilities the opportunity to benefit from funding through the HSBC Golf Roots Centres project. This initiative has been designed to support the transition from schools’ activity into your club and encourages young people to ‘Start and Stay’ in golf. Funding will support the pathway from school into clubs and onto junior membership, contributing to a fun and family-friendly club environment.

Previously, clubs have identified a number of barriers to engaging with schools such as transport, equipment, marketing and additional coaching costs. The HSBC Golf Roots Centres has therefore been designed to help clubs overcome these barriers and will be allocated specifically to these areas.

How much can a Club apply for?

Clubs can apply for a set amount per area, with a maximum of £1,000 per club application.

Area Amount Available
Junior Equipment £300
Marketing / Promotional Materials £100
Fee for Pro or Roving Pro delivering in schools £350
Transport from school to club £250

Following approval of your application, the club will be awarded 50% of the funds then will receive the remaining 50% on successful completion of your monitoring form at the end of the project.

Benefits of the HSBC Golf Roots Centres Project

Supports your club to deliver a pathway from schools into the club.

Potential to increase the recruitment of new junior members from local schools.

Helps create and establish a stronger link with local schools.

Provides an opportunity for young people to take their golf learnings outside of the classroom and into their local club.

Supports your junior membership recruitment plan.

Your club gains accreditation as an HSBC Golf Roots Centre.

The Application Process

Step 1

Application: Login to your Club account and complete the Funding Application Form

Step 2
Deliver: If your application is approved deliver the project, you will receive 50% of the funds

Step 3
Evaluation: Once your project is finished, complete an evaluation form and receive the remaining 50% of the funds

For further support please contact

Login to your club account to apply for funding.