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Learn to Golf

What is Learn to Golf?

Developed in partnership with the PGA with input from PGA coaches from across Scotland, Learn to Golf is a dynamic new junior development programme to support young people from beginner level through to obtaining their first handicap.

The focus of the programme is on having fun, learning, developing skills and on-course play, using activities and games developed by PGA coaches and experts, with a flexible approach to suit the needs of your club and its junior coaching plan. It can be used as your club’s main coaching resource, or as an addition to your existing programme, allowing coaches the flexibility to pick and choose which elements they require.

The Learn to Golf programme supports your club with five key areas which are designed to help develop junior golfers:

Modules & Objectives:

Developing skills such as speed, agility, co-ordination and balance.

Developing technical skills in putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and bunker shots.

Fostering mental qualities such as self-confidence, perseverance and learning to deal with mistakes.

Preparation for playing on the course and participating in fun team and individual competitions.

Understanding important elements of golf such as rules, etiquette, equipment and safety. 

Highly Recommended by the Pros

Making coaching easier and more dynamic


“One of the most useful features of the Learn to Golf programme is that parents can log in to the platform and track their child’s progress and it also allows the coach to provide some feedback on how they’re doing through each level.”

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Learn to Golf


What are the benefits to your Club?

The Learn to Golf programme features a dedicated suite of online tools that have been designed to make planning and preparation for coaching sessions both inspiring and less time consuming. We offer an exciting and wide range of games and activities that your junior golfers will love!

Benefits include:

An exciting new coaching resource which can be used as a stand-alone programme or pick and choose what elements you like to complement your existing programme.

Enable your coaches to plan, create and share session plans with each other.

Receive free merchandise to use as rewards as juniors progress through each level.

Learn to Golf Benefits
Learn to Golf Benefits to Juniors

What are the benefits to Juniors?

Play their way through five progressive levels centred around on-course play.

Develop fundamental movement skills to help their progress with other sports.

Receive exciting Learn to Golf rewards for passing each level of the programme.

What are the benefits to Coaches?

Build and customise your weekly session plans in a matter of minutes.

The option to manage the progress of your junior golfers.

Never be short of ideas with our growing collection of over 170 fun activities.

Learn to Golf Benefits to Parents